DaBaby - For Real* Lyrics

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Uh, yeah
Hold on, hold on, lemme go, lemme go
Huh? Lemme go, bruh
My nigga left me, for real (Okay)
You know I got my check up, for real (Yeah)
I think a need a check-up, I'm ill (Check-up)
Out in Beverly Hills, Uncle Phil (Mhm)
Rockin' J's with a fade, bitch, I'm Will (Mhm)
See that look on my face, I'm for real (Let's go)
I like when my bitch tell me I'm pretty (Mwah)
That lil' nigga that stay in the mirror (I say)
Mirror, mirror on the wall (Bitch)
Who must chop it up, them all (Yeah)
Watch your steppin', you gon' fall (Uh-huh)
Tell my bitch to rub me, I'm a dog (Rrr)
That nigga pussy, he a pup (Woo)
If he shoot my hand a nigga lucky (Yeah)
Cost a hunnid thousand just to touch me (A show)
My bitch stay J-Lo, call me Puffy (Let's go)
I need a billy, call me jiggy
I am the extra pretty chocolate nigga (Mhm)
I be tryna chill out, I can't help it (Let's go)
Cross him out like Kyrie on the Celtics (Okay)
Left her message on the scene and she felt it (Ha)
They be like, "That nigga bougie" (Uh-huh)
I like her, she a freak and a cutie (Yeah)
Baby had me put a finger in her booty (You nasty)