DaBaby - Hot Boy Shit* Lyrics

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Bust me down, Pyrex
Now this remind me of that hot boy shit
That lil' Weezy 'fore he changed his name to Wayne, nigga
Might grow some dreads up out my head, pop out like Chief Keef
Ain't from Chicago, but I'm guaranteed to bang, nigga
I'ma let you know, I don't give a fuck if niggas eight feet
I still won't let a nigga play me like a lame nigga
Nigga better go play with his lil' kids before he play with me
I'm know to crash, so stay the fuck up out my lane, nigga
Go with your move, you lose your life, you make the wrong one
You the type of nigga snuck in with a knife, I got a small gun
I upped this bitch at you and bowl a strike and make 'em all run
And I hate to be talkin' negative, but I gotta let it out
If I leave it in, I'ma catch a felony, nigga, boom
Got a pretty smile and I bust a nigga ass
I told my teacher I ain't do my homework, I was fuckin' half the class
'Cause I learned to do my math, 'cause I was fuckin' half of my class
"I thought your class had thirteen hoes?" That means I fucked six and a half
I took that gas and mixed it with the weed from my Mexican, it was bad
Take zip out of every .448 and invested in my craft
Givin' niggas my CD, but now you see me on the front covers of the magazines and the TVs
They coulda seen me with a P.I.D., but instead they see me with the VVs
BG, nigga, bling-bling
I make them bitches drop it like it's hot, my shit on repeat
Make me mad, I dropped three albums in a year, call it a three-peat
Keep on hatin', I fuck your...