Dept. of Rec. - Lawndarts (Original) (Ft. Breez Evahflowin', Doap Nixon & Planetary) Lyrics

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[Emcee(s): Doap Nixon, Breez Evahflowin', Adam 12, and Planetary]
[Producer(s): Stape Mega]
[Scratches: Drew Dollars]
[Verse 1: Doap Nixon]
Sleepy Hollow tracks, slang-talk rap, cosmopolitan
Who stayed vexed. Cannibal stress, I keep it bottled in
Inside me. I’ll politick widely, stay high like Ra be
My flows penetrate like sodomy. Why these rappers
Lie to me? All their verses should be apologies
I’ll run with suns, deal with science more than biologies
I’ve been tight shit since the days of micsmiths
Playing third base, I’ll numb mics like herb laced
Spit rhymes with a preferred taste. My words placed
Over a track in a superb tape. That’s word to state
I’ve been raw since the first place. Fucker, negotiate
We motivate. My whole clique be holding weight, nigga
So stop the press ‘fore you make me cock my Wess'. I’ll run
With sheisty-ass niggas that’ll hit you soon as you drop your vest
All night, plot your rest binocular-style
It started off at twelve, yeah, [?]. Now this
Rap shit? We’re locking it down. All Philly blocks
I’m locking it down, stove-topping it brown
Anything between me and twelve, I’m knocking it down
Doap Nixon, bitch. I’ll still smoke on a block with a frown
[Verse 2: Breez Evahflowin']
Who out there
Talking the styles? Show respect for the dead
It’s about to get hot. Go find a spot next to Ed. You could
Drop off the head what you’re joking and shit. You couldn’t
Come off the top if you spoke with your dick. Now beat that
We ain’t no cool-ass sleaze stacks
I couldn’t hear your shit ‘cause they was hollering, “He’s wack!”
I’ll be that, beating that ass for tree cash
And love hearing niggas like, “Damn, yo, did you see that?!?”
Blaze Battle bonanza. Lay up in spots with
Extravagant dancers in a b-boy stance
Looking like a human pyramid. Hear a midrange
Missile hit. Flesh ripped apart from the ligaments
Illegitimate, your demise type imminent
Son you like a little Cuban immigrant. Ain’t no
Escape from the reach of The Beast. I’ll make peace with
The system of streets, stake my claim, make my
Fame my name. Breez Evahflowin’ straight
Department of Rec., Stronghold, OuterSpace
This is how you make Power Shakes: grip the mics
Tighter than noose to squeeze out electrical juice
[Hook: Samples with Scratches by Drew Dollars]
"More than you bargained for" - Sample from Method Man on Method Man & Redman - "How High" (x8)
[Interlude 1: Adam 12]
Yeah, y’all know me
[Verse 3: Adam 12]
Ayyo, my name’s Adam 12. On the real, that’s my real name
I’m a real hard player ‘cause, hip hop, that’s a real game
Ain’t no rules, no throwing-flag-around bullshit
When it comes down to it, it’s the monster trucks that rule shit
Stape’s sick percussion more stubborn than a mule kick
Knock you up like experimenting teens in a toolshed
Predicaments the kind you don’t want to find yourself in
I’ll research your chick and stick it wherever the tool fit
Two shits is what I give when it comes to other rap groups
If you know me, generally, two shits is generosity
Did anyone possibly expect me to quit this?
Without eradicating every herb in the business
Of rapping? Believe me, like, ninety-five percent of these
Retards with a record that is guilty of heresy
And perjury and clothing-obsessed femininity
Don’t test me ‘cause I’ll get extremely raw on y’all extremities
[Verse 4: Planetary]
I’ll blast troops from their grass roots to cashews
Grab tools that could stab fools. It’s bad news
Mad crews try to approach, flash Q, but
For every three cats in my clique, add two
We come in packs of five to attack your tribe
OuterSpace roll with foul and come back with size. We’re from
The five. There’s sixty-five ways to die
Set free, setting off the most amazing high
Blaze the sky, watch the planes crash, insane math
Scientific inferno, I’m ill, flames wrath
We burn a torch. Whom it may concern: the force of my
Rap page makes your body turn to corpse
Ayyo, Doap, tell Stape that I’m in love with this beat. And Adam
12 to drop something ‘cause, yo, cousin, it’s sweet
We hover the street. My nigga, O be bubbling heat
Up in the path, banging Pun. I hope he up there in peace
[Hook: Samples with Scratches by Drew Dollars]
"More than you bargained for" - Sample from Method Man on Method Man & Redman - "How High" (x14)