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Fairyland-Anmorkenta Lyrics

English Lyrics

Fight for your life, hear the call No shadows there to be seen Visions fade and your heart is released from pain Time to be freed of your chains The shine will never be killed Then from heaven's gate the nightmare ends at last The shadows are gone Mysted in betrayal and lies Under the sign of the dark Darkness and oblivion fall when your children rise Rise from the ashes and stand Forever free, forever proud Proud time has come and our victory is at hand The foolish and the weaked Cannot stand The visions of their fall It's gone forever now... No more betray, the end of war comes at last We will brighten your souls Through shades of gray The light's age will come at last We will never get lost in the dark To our freedom we joyfully ride Hold my hand, don't wander in the dark Just keep the fear inside The light fantastic guiding your way Now the time to rise has come A reason to go home And give an end to darkest of days No more betray, tonight Never had a chance to turn away The sea is calling now, over the bay Where all brothers lie No more betray, the end of war comes at last We will never be alone Through shades of gray, the light's age will come at last