Fairyland - The Awakening Lyrics

Hope fulfills our dreams
Buried in time, deep in our minds
Heroes of our past will never fade away
Oppressed we are, slaves in the dark
But yet we'll fight just to see another day
Silently we cried in pain
Fear was all we would know
Then hope came and changed us all
Dead I was before your praise
Lost and drowned into my pain
Now I am here back to life
To see the sun shine again
Ho I've waited long for another chance
With the God's light shining in my heart
Now that life flows in me again
I will fight till the end of my days
Gods have been right, hearing our cries
Fulfilling what's in our dreams and our faith
We are not bound to be the slaves of darkness
And darkness will be failed
Time has come to break the chains of pain
And our freedom will rejoice the heart of our cherished Gods
Darkness was noxious
In silence I went down the walls of the grave
Free from the power of Cenos
I prepare the time when surely comes the light divine
Never get lost in the dark for the light we shall sing
And be strong against the odds
Leave me now, leave me now leave me now Leave me alone
Shadows, terror, we were lost in the dark