Folly & The Hunter - Moth in the porch light Lyrics

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Of our romantic and foolish notions/ I guess it figures the woman ruins
The meager voice became a shout when I raised my eyes and figured out that
I was standing on a porch with an eerie glow and voice so hoarse
I saw you there with dusty wings your eyes were sideways and searching
For a common path while your lies were stewing I guess it figures the woman ruins
Moth in a Porchlight out in the woods
There is no question you’re up to no good
Grasping for choice if only I could
I could not know until I stood where I stood
Joyful undertones brought us light on those mostly secret summer nights
When I felt that I could have killed in a blinding passion that haunts me still
And the following months you began a war with the alter ego that I fell for
You really don’t know what you’re doing I guess it figures the woman ruins