Forth Wanderers - Caramel Emotion Lyrics

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'cause i'm not looking behind
You think i'm so sweet, you make me sick i can't eat
When you're around don't lead me on you know i'll take it to heart
And i'll speak up for once, too much time in the backseat
You held my held my hand and it felt good to be seen
I'll sleep if my bed's unmade
Why am i always afraid
I like how things stay the same around here
I kept all your secrets safe
Nothing in return, 'cept your imprint on my brain
I kept all your secrets safe
I kept all your secrets safe
All i've been is by your side
I hate you for letting this get out of line
I think i'm fine, seeing you cry hearing you whine
And you'd think that I would know better by now but I don't and I don't know why
So I think you should stay, love me until there's nothing more to say
And i'd feel great and you'd feel better in time
You'd feel better in time