Gary The Cool Guy - Gennogay Lyrics

Walking down the street having to look for Gennogay
Cause you never know when it'll be that you'll meet Gennogay
And even though you are looking for Gennogay you might not find him
And meet the cool guy instead called Gary
Next time you see Gennogay let me know where he is so I can kill him dead
They'll never see Gennogay again because I am going to dump him in the river
And everything that he has ever recorded will be eaten by me. I will eat his music. Eat
Inside my stomach mmmmmmmmm tastes nice now no one can hear it
It all builds up inside until it completely overflows
And overloads your toilet until the toilet explodes and kills everyone
There comes a point where you feel like you've eaten too much Gennogay music
Everything overthrows your whole bathroom begins to rumble an shake and your house falls down
And mentally you breakdown as you try to hold your guts in but they are going to be expelled anyways
But there's a mailman coming to deliver you some chocolate digestive biscuits but you are so full up that you puke
And so you try to fight him but he hits you over the head with the chocolate digestive biscuits
You say you'll kill this motherfucker but he literally knocks you about 30 feet away and puts you into a coma with some biscuits
And with that haemorrhage in your head you even say it's time to die
You'll try your best to not die but you will anyway
Then everything gets really really bright
What you just said was ridiculous because there is no way you could possibly survive. Those biscuits were laced with weed and now everyone in a 50 mile radius will be exterminated
You'll soon come to blows with this son of a bitch you think to yourself but that is just not true and so you close
The front door and begin to die on the couch
What do I do suppose
I go to the hospital but I don't think they have the cure for weed in there yet unfortunately
Maybe one day I will find Gennogay
Maybe the cure for weed is in his hands
But 'til that day just sit on the couch and try not to succumb to weed death by the hands of a biscuit wielding mailman