Gavlyn - Make My Move (Ft. Fawksie 1) Lyrics

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Yeah check check it's Gavlyn
Broken Fingers on the beat
And this one goes out
To all the people that just think they're just too fuckin' good
It's like, it's impossible being humble nowadays
It's bullshit
Get the fuck off your own dick
Check Yo
Let me make my move
I ain't got time to hear it I came to show I'm proof
Man, let me make my move
Actin' like you can run a stage please believe I be testing dudes
Let me make my move
Gav and Fawkes got the crowd in check
Don't be surprised if you break your neck
Let me make my move
Scar City Broken Fingers yeah
Let me make us move
[Verse 1]
First things first
I'm sick of all this nonsense
Fools hatin' cause I got skill and presence
I don't get this
When I hear a person dope I get uplifted
And if i see them again I look forward to them spittin'
But if they trippin' thinkin' they the illest cat in the scene
Then I plug my ears cuz I be so weak to wordplay
Likes unique ?? but gets them on a high horse you see
MCs are too sorry
A poor excuse for Hip-Hop to make an exception
Fools talkin' bout violation and never touch the weapon
Unless you're like slim using their imagination
Oh that's your basic topic
And i'll mark it for certain for bluffing
Never touch cats
Let's get things clear
Doesn't mean I don't see what goes around here
Broken Fingers ill on the beat behind me
Born and raised and grimey
Drop a heart and laugh at all the wannabe's
[Verse 2: Fawksie 1]
I don't mean to be rude
And call your asses out and point fingers at you
But you're ??
You're booking all these same fools in these weekly venues
Ain't got nothing to prove
Keep your free CD
You call that paying dues
Straight paid for
?? kick-boxing kid moves
Eagles clashing cross your path in your ??
I just smile as you pass humble yourself when you speak
You got your nose in the air
Like your shit doesn't stink
Now what makes you think that you's a king
And when can I and what will we see
In the past that we share
Yeah we got what we want
And you're just a has been so
Kiss my fucking ass
I'm married to hip hop
This won't ever stop
And if my heart beats different
My spirit's got it on lock
Tick-tocking don't stop
Put your foot in your mouth
As I take my sweet time to let you know what I'm about