Guy Ferz - Intro Lyrics

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No artist should be socially constricted into one specific genre and should be encouraged to test the limits of creativity
I am an art - yo shut the fuck up! Thank you
I am an artist. The music I write, the music produced, is a melting pot of ingredients from factual occurrences to figments of my imagination, from personal issues to national topics
Just enjoy this project, or shit on it. Think what you want
We were all once kids. Everyone you cherish. Everyone you hate. Everyone you know
We all begun on the same page. A tabula rasa. A blank state
Formed into who we are today by external factors and unique experiences
Recognizing this is the first step to becoming the person you want to be
You can consciou - yo I swear to God, get out, get out, just get the fuck out
You can consciously take control and steer yourself into your desired path
We were all once kids. I was the class clown. Welcome to the mixtape