Healy - Reckless Lyrics

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[Verse 1]Beach boys on the ride homeI can get there with my eyes closedExactly 34 minutes after I pull out your drivewayYou dial my phonePaper cover rockScripture cover PeterYeah I'm cutting off my locksand I'm changing my demeanor[Chorus]Pool days, high topswith my blue face, ice popsI'ma make a shoelace necklaceYeah we whipping pop's old Lexusand I'm skipping school days, mic dropsEyes on summer like cyclopsYeah we fallin' off the sidewalkMomma wants you home before nightfall[Verse 2]Summer come and I ain't got a new carYeah I'm still getting scooped upCall me by my first letter "aye E whats up?"Every now and then city need a refresherBreaking up to SufjanWake up on your futonWhy you in my crewneck, wait(I really like that shirt)Jerry's line too longTeenage mutantComing out of my shell, aye[Verse 3]Yeah this be that cornerpiece, cornerstone10 piece, Corner sto'Skinned knees, cortisoneand ex links, chromosomeSummer feet, cobblestoneMomma leave, home aloneOn my feet, Chuckie T'sOn my sleeve, Corazón'99 titansClose to my goals, yeahLook like Kevin DysonWhen my curfew getting closerHand me downsPick me upsDark sideShouts RyanIn my hoodCall it buck[Chourus x2][Outro]na na nana na nana nana na na (x2)You can't stand meYou leglessMight grow my hair longLike LegolasYeah i'm feeling ruthless, reckless
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