Healy - Reckless Lyrics

Beach boys on the ride home
I can get there with my eyes closed
Exactly 34 minutes after I pull out your driveway
You dial my phone
Paper cover rock
Scripture cover Peter
Yeah I'm cutting off my locks
and I'm changing my demeanor
Pool days, high tops
with my blue face, ice pops
I'ma make a shoelace necklace
Yeah we whipping pop's old Lexus
and I'm skipping school days, mic drops
Eyes on summer like cyclops
Yeah we fallin' off the sidewalk
Momma wants you home before nightfall
[Verse 2]
Summer come and I ain't got a new car
Yeah I'm still getting scooped up
Call me by my first letter "aye E whats up?"
Every now and then city need a refresher
Breaking up to Sufjan
Wake up on your futon
Why you in my crewneck, wait
(I really like that shirt)
Jerry's line too long
Teenage mutant
Coming out of my shell, aye
[Verse 3]
Yeah this be that cornerpiece, cornerstone
10 piece, Corner sto'
Skinned knees, cortisone
and ex links, chromosome
Summer feet, cobblestone
Momma leave, home alone
On my feet, Chuckie T's
On my sleeve, Corazón
'99 titans
Close to my goals, yeah
Look like Kevin Dyson
When my curfew getting closer
Hand me downs
Pick me ups
Dark side
Shouts Ryan
In my hood
Call it buck
[Chourus x2]
na na na
na na na
na na
na na na (x2)
You can't stand me
You legless
Might grow my hair long
Like Legolas
Yeah i'm feeling ruthless, reckless