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You'll soon meet your maker in my horror chamber
Don't ask your savior for divine intervention
Blunt force trauma with a hammer to the head
Strung up on meat hooks and left for dead
For some weeks you'll hang there to rot
My own slaughterhouse is what I've got
Drugged up and ready for my experiment
It's hard to scream with vocal cords disabled
[Verse 2: VYX BLU$]
Pain, bitch, this will hurt you
I'm back again on the G tip
Cock it back and then I squeeze it
When I say I'm good, dont believe it
Chest burst when a nigga release it
Demon smile, bitch, do you see it?
Me and HXNJV just tore up the scene
Full fledge murder, thou shall bleed
Steel full hollows is all I need
Lust and sin is totally me
All these demons absolute
Full of fucking energy
I will shove my wrath
Down your throat