Jake One - Great Sound Lyrics

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My name's Leon Alexander
(And I'm Legatha Robinson)
And we're here this afternoon to hold an interview with
"Jake One" in regards to his new debut album which is called
"White Van, MUSIC"
(You have such a smooth sound)
(And mo-most of your music seems so laid back)
(What is the reason for this?)
It's mostly contributed to, uhh
Me bein cool and calm and confident
And most people who have those traits are, laid back
They have no reason to uhh, be hasty and nervous
Well would you like to give us a, little insight
On some of the people you play with, so we'll know?
No I don't care to get into any names
Because this is my interview
You got any more works in the drawer sittin back waitin on us?
Of course I do, right now uhh, we're working on uhh
Some great sound my engineer has uhh
Coming out of the studio with me uhh
We're gonna do some great things {*echoes*}