Jet Tung-Pedosa Records - Gotta Get Away (Ft. Joshua Bradford) Lyrics

Verse 1
Now I gotta get away from all the hate and all the doubt
I’m the one you cannot live without
You gonna build that animosity, just don’t bring that shit to my city
Enemies want my tenacity, broke as hell but I live happily
There are far too many parts to me, just like bohemian rhapsody
You gonna catch a fade just like you in a barbershop
I got similes kinda like Shawn Carter’s got
If you try to hang me you gonna need a harder knot
I’m just trying find my spot just like I'm in a parking lot
I can’t work an endless 9 to 5, I gotta get the gas so I can find the drive
Cuz when I’m clocking out that’s when my mind’s alive
But when I’m clocking in it’s like it’s time to die
I’m so sick of giving you my life, in exchange for a couple dimes
This simply isn’t worth my time, so I gotta get away
I’m so sick of giving you my life, in exchange for a couple dimes
This simply isn’t worth my time, I won’t give you all my days
Verse 2
I just wanna live in (yeah), solitary confinement
But the way I’m living (yeah), ain’t no time for unwinding
And these people wanna talk (yeah), but I don’t know communication
Cuz since I moved to the city (yeah), I live in the commuter station
Like a transplant I’ll steal your heart and make it mine
You’re a tramp stamp riding on the ass of other’s time
I’ll clamp clamp like I’m stealing Futurama lines
You can’t stand that cuz you want the drama from a nine
You better stand back, got the demeanour of a Sagittarius
I like a girl with a head that’s hairier, I seem nice but man I can be scarier
Broke your walls down no barriers
And it’s just not like me to fall asleep at the wheel
Baby girl you’re looking real nice like, let me know if I can get a bite right
Now I see that I got some kind of appeal, everybody thinking that I’m nice like
All these sharks just wanna get a bite right
I just got the power to stupefy, coming at me you gonna lose an eye
Leave you like fetty wap, and I’m petty stop
Trying to divide us, I’m a perpetual liar
If I ever said you beat me, that’s the heart of your desires
I’m undefeated got a longer record than Mayweather
And I’m under-seasoned like a chicken that still has his feathers
Even if I take a loss my dog you bet I’ll be McGregor
Cuz a loss just ain’t a loss if you’ve got cash to make it better
So I gotta get away, I won’t give you all my days