Joolz - Love Is (Sweet Romance) Lyrics

»You should write a love poem
One of those nice 'Love is...' poems
Because people need their dreams and fantasies...«
So I’ll tell you what love is
Love is passion and pain
In the darkness of the night
Screaming spasms of hatred
The line between drawn so close
Standing on the edge, eyes wide awake
Power pounding in your veins
The vision of your face in a shock of light
Love is hard and savage bright
And bleeding knuckles
Where you punched the wall
Agony and jealousy exploding in the dance-hall
The knifeblade of tension
Cutting us both ways
It’s fighting, fighting, back to back
You and I out-numbered three to one
Laughing and running afterwards
And bloodsweet kisses
Grinding on your broken teeth
Love is my nails in your back
And grinning in the face
Of a small town’s hatred
Oh, that’s what love is, sweetheat
Not pastel pink and wedding white
The same old traps, the half-hearted lies
The cold death...
Love is red hot and black hearts
Your whole soul burning
And singing all the while
Oh yes, that’s what love is