Joolz - Mammy's Boy Lyrics

My own flesh and blood
'Course I love him
D'you think I give a damn
For your courts of law?
I'd never have given him up, never, never
He's all I've ever cared about
Since I carried him
He's been my whole world
Hah, when I was young, they told me
It was all romance, you know
All love and roses
Some man to take care of you
Well, I saw through that quick enough
We all do, don't we, lasses?
We have to, by god
Oh yes, I married his father right enough
That wasn't hard... they say
We're the weaker sex... that's a joke
I've never known a bloke some girl
Couldn't twist around her little finger
"Aw, don't go to the pub tonight, love
Don't see those mates of yours
Why don't you stay here with me
An' have a... cuddle?"
Nine months later it's the altar
An' a home of your own at last
Oh don't look so shocked
Just because I'll say straight out
What your missus only thinks
It's the truth, it's the kids we love
Not you, you pathetic clowns
With your pubs an' beer an' football, hah!
You think you're so tough
Don't make me laugh...
You do as much as your woman lets you
An' you never realise
An' now you're going to take my boy
My baby, an' you stand there with your
Damned solemn faces an' say
"But don't you realise, madam
He has killed three men?"
Well, yes I do, and what's more I couldn't care less
He's my child, my child
An' whatever you do to him
Wherever you take him
You'll never take him away from me, never