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Joolz-Musket, Fife And Drum Lyrics

English Lyrics

But he is a very good soldier Admittedly, his record isn’t spotless But there’s nothing that cannot Be accounted for by youthful high spirits And he is very young, barely twenty Very fit, bright, proved to be Extremely amenable to training There o no evidence of psychological disturbance However, he can give no definite explanation Or reasons for his actions So now, with your permission, my Lord I should like to call the boy to the witness box.« »I don’t know why I did it, Sir I think we had some stupid arguement In camp the night before Over a card game: we played cards a lot, Sir It’s the boredom, you see Mind you, it’s enough to make anyone ratty Listening to that shelling And those wogs killing each other Day in, day out; and nothing for us to do Since we’re there to 'keep the peace' Bit of a joke that, Sir If you don’t mind me saying so We were all well and truly Stalled off, Sir, shut up all the time... Anyhow I think Smithie said I’d cheated But I hadn’t, Sir And he wouldn’t leave off All that night, needling me And the nerd day, on patrol, Sir I told him to pack it in Or I’d let him have it... I didn’t mean it, but I was upset Then the other two just laughed And said I was all mouth And always had been It’s funny, Sir, I remember really clear How hot and dusty it was And I could hear in my head Sergeant Becker’s voice, from combat training Shouting, shouting »Kill the bastard!, kill You little fucking nancy boy...« And I just held my finger on the trigger What happened after that was like a dream...«