Juliciajbrown - Caesar Gateway Essay Lyrics

March 25, 2014
Written by: Julicia Brown
In the play “Julius Caesar”, the play-write Shakespeare focuses on a theme of Power and simply betrayal. But what stands out the most are the characters that are in the play. But at first read the most insignificant character, can seem so small. But he turns out to be a key in the whole entire story. The character of Cassius, he focuses on two main aspects of this character: His motives behind his choices and his impeccable use of rhetorical techniques in persuasion.
There are a few reasons for Cassius’ deadly choice, but as usual a few key ones stand out. At first is seems like jealousy, but is it really? “Upon what meat does Caesar eat, why he is so great? (Document E). This suggests that Cassius was jealous of Caesar’s recognition when they are there trying to make Rome greater while he just slaughters in wars. He begins to question what makes Caesar so great. Not only jealousy leaks out in the line but you can also pick at a hint of hatred from the way he speaks of Caesar. He hated Caesar who was so loved by all the people. What made him so different from everyone else? “Cassis a man of fierce disposition, and one out of private malice, rather than love of the public, hated Caesar”(Document B). Again the theme of hatred presents itself. This proves that Cassius surely had a private hatred toward Caesar which is from his own personal aspect. This also provides us with the idea the just pure hatred is Cassius’ reason. Now we can conclude that these two statements prove that Cassius’ overall main motive behind his assassination of Caesar is just plain old strong hearted hate.
To get his way Cassius had to do a lot of persuasion. Mostly his persuasion was towards Brutus, to get him on their side. “Brutus and Caesar; what should be in that ‘Caesar”? Why should that name be sounded more that your?” (Document E). Cassius is using one of strongest points to attack Brutus with, Jealousy. He begins by testing Brutus’ power as a man, he stars off by making him feel as if he is nothing compared to Caesar that even his name becomes unimportant next to his. He persuades Brutus to really think about why Caesar is so great. He asks a rhetorical question to get him to think on it. He begins to drift in the Cassius’ court, filled with jealousy and hate. “Cassius suggested [to Brutus] that Caesar’s friends intended to make him [Caesar] king.” (Document B). Cassius is now pushing the boundaries of Brutus’ Political beliefs. Everyone has a strange love for their republic government, so now that Caesar wants to be king, Brutus doesn't like that sort of change. Using this form of persuasion is very smart because it builds both rage and jealousy against Caesar from his friend, Brutus.
Throughout this reading we have proved Cassius a smart and manipulative man, who uses his knowledge to get his way. He simply hated Caesar’s popularity and him as a person and wanted him dead. He used many forms of persuasion, such as rhetorical questions to persuade Caesar’s close friend [Brutus] into helping him get rid of Caesar. He believed he assassinated the man who wanted to change Rome, the man who wanted to be a king.