Juliciajbrown - Caesar Survey Answers. Lyrics

2. It was effective. Even though i knew the difference it help me learn the definition and how and in what context to use such information.
3. This was the part i like the most. This helped me avoid reading a book complete written in backwards language. (i might read it later just for the fun of it.) But this helped to focus on the main areas of the piece.
4. It allowed us to see the speech from our point of view and the point of view of our peers which allowed me to understand how everyone else understands the piece.
5. The citing, concrete detail and commentaries was a big help for the gateway. it helped me to understand the importance of citing.
6. Yes it was. It allowed us to look at the essay from someone else's pen. Which allowed us to think differently.
7. Yes. especially with the thesis statements. It made me re-think on my own.
8. I think i was. Even in the end i still had doubt about my own based on what i read of the others.
9. Not much. I had no bad comments (Which is a good thing) but it allowed me to know just where i was excelling.
10. It is a dangerous category.
Bonus: To be honest it solely depend on your own characteristics. I think both Brutus and Mark Antony were important characters, because of how contradicting they were. Brutus thought he was right, but mark said he was wrong. It is solely up to you to decide but i believe that Brutus was the hero. He was just protecting his country from something he thought was bad even though he might have taken the wrong path in eliminating the enemy.