Juliciajbrown - Little Flower Lyrics

I know you're different.
You stand out in the crowd,
you don't fit,
You hold the power.
You can make you're mark,
you should come out of the dark.
Let your petals shine
And let them know over time.
That you are who you are,
and you'll always be the same.
The outstanding one,
the one they choose to blame.
Let you color gleam,
let them feel jealous to the seam.
Because you are..
You are special purple flower,
because once upon a time different made you unique.
Now different make you an outcast
hurt by the word they spur at you.
Hurt by all the attitudes too.
But your difference makes you unique,
and that's why they offend you,
because you, little flower.
You are not the same.
You don't play their game.
And your not the one to blame,
for they are only giving you negative fame
by assigning you name.
Please little flower,
Stay the same.
Little flower: Julicia Brown-Starr.