Juliciajbrown - My Hood Lyrics

[Sort of doesn't rhyme well (my bad)]
Let me tell you a secret,
but only if you can keep it,
I'm not from here,
But no one seems to care.
But here's the thing
I'm different,
I'm special.
A lot of people think i'm spoiled
I'm not, my parents also work and toiled
I'm just not starving,
Nor needy.
I have what i have cause i earned it.
But here's another secret,
People think i'm stuck up too,
But unlike half of them, I grew in the Hood.
I know what it's like walking the dangerous streets but everyone knows you.
It's like a family in a community.
Some enemies,
Some friends,
But we all grew there.
This is where i'm from,
This is who i am,
The silent river,
The one who knows what it's like on both sides.