King Chip - BabyMan Lyrics

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The Mac came out. I had the doctors at the hospital shook man
Cause I came out with a Louis Vuitton bookbag. Opened the bookbag had a pound of haze and a Sony PSP with nine months worth of games. I popped out Rollo fitted, I was fly
Umbilical cord already cut, I didn’t cry. I wasted no time
I spit that game. I grabbed the baddest nurse I saw and asked her "what was her name?". Only five minutes old pulling hoes
And she replied "Boy you just a little guy, plus you can't even drive
Well that's whatchu thought, fired up the Newport
Tried to grab the keys off the counter, but I was too short
Reached back into my Louis Vuitton bag, drunk the pint of Hennessy and rolled the purp that I had. Gone off that
Put on my baby hat that they got me from baby Gap
And told my daddy I’d be back
Gave my daddy dap, Chucked the deuce to mama
Laced up my baby shelltoes aha-holla
Left the room, nurses runnin right behind me
Hopped on the elevator, took it to the lobby
Reached back into my Louis Vuitton bag
Grabbed the 930 Nextel Chirp that I had
Called up Chris told him "send me all his licks"
He like "who the fuck is this?" I'm like "It's BabyMan, bitch"
At 20 minutes old I knew I had to get dough
Called the bus and told the driver "let me off at the store"
[Hook] x4
He's just a baby
Uh. I didn't need pullups. Didn't use a bottle
Pissed behind the buildings. I ate at McDonald's
Mama's still confused, couldn’t quite understand it
Popped out the womb on two shelltoes I landed
Full set of teeth and I ain’t even a week old
Money on my mind since the start of my time
A little misguided, standin in the store
Like "How the fuck can they sell blunt wraps, but can't sell dro?"
"Chip you just a baby" that’s what they tell me like I don't know
George Bush gots to go, I can't wait till I can vote
I outside the store getting grown man cash
Whatchu need? I got it all in my Louis Vuitton bag
Niggas goin crazy when they see me like look y'all
He’s only a foot tall, the size of a football
I laughed, and said "If I open my bag, I got a black Mac that'll blow the skin off yo ass". Ain't no goo-goo ga-ga's over here
They scared. Yeah, I might be a baby but your boy got a beard
Don't expect to catch me in the stroller
Cause if I catch you slipping with the keys in the ignition, I'm rolling
Down the alley striking down the white like I'm bowling
Clips know something like "that little nigga holding"
If it ain't about the dough, then what for?
Called the cab and told the driver "let me off at the store"
[Hook] x4
He's just a baby
He's just a baby
He's just a baby