King Chip - Sprinkle Me Lyrics

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I said sprinkle me baby
I twitch everytime you think of me baby
What a connection we got here
But whenever love knock I tell her you not here
And if the beat drops, somebody shock me
I'm cool keepin' it cool what got me here
I take the bottom of my lighter and pop me beer
And drink about the time niggas got shot and teared
Cry me a 50 cent juice
Sippin' on the fago spitin' that truth
Pass me a flathead couple screws loose
First class on the train while you stuck at the caboose
Niggas love my shit, fuck am I to do?
Bite my style ‘til you fuckin’ up a tooth
Gotta call you back girl I be fuckin' up the booth
Niggas got mil's I just want a couple too
Shit, and I wanna get with you
But girl understand I be havin' shit to do
Cause time is a lamborghini, bentley, phantom, brand new tv
Grand piano, leather sofa, limo chauffuer, brand new mansion
Shoes to match it , with the jacket, automatic systematic, bitch the baddest
Whip the baddest, that ain't new Chip just had it nigga