Lendrick kain - About time (Ft. S.S.G) Lyrics

Yeah Uh
First of all i ain't here to impress any body
So fuck everybody
I don't to become a rapper but unfortunately i am so lets face the facts
I am tired of living life like Jacob Zuma without a wife
Living in the streets sieng these people everyday
It's like their audience and i about to throw a show
Bieng yourself is hard these nowadays because people don't accept you for who you are but the bad things you do
No wonder Micheal jackson chose to exchange race
Living life for an excuse and diying without one
Juss' reminds me that i have to trust no one
Yeah about i tell you niggas why you ain't likish and swagerless
I remember when i was young never gave a fuck and inlove with one girl
But nowadays am falling for every pretty girl that pass by my eyes
I don't understand any more
Cause looking for her am inlove and at the same time i am looking at her....