Local Business Comedy - Long Night Lyrics

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Fuck, man
It's Christmas again
[Verse 1]
Christmas season approachin'
Fuck the toys that y'all been wantin'
Fuck the, fuck the toys that y'all been huntin'
Santa Claus be up all night again
Soon as I pull up and park the gifts
We get this bitch crippled like Tiny Tim
Take my knapsack and pack it in
White hair, boots, toboggan sleds
There's too many kids in this house of ten
Real Kringle back in your house again
Red dude all in your chimney vent
Red suit all on your couch again
And I know kids like presents, man
They got more damn gifts in the stockings, man!
Huh, long night
Long night
[Bridge] x2
How many gifts am I dropping off?
Let me say I lost count
I don't give a fuck
He'll give us what we need
It may not be what we want
[Verse 2]
Baby girl tryna get a tree
And her girl tryna get a tree
Chopped 'em both down
Don't grudge 'em, Chuck Brown!
One last deposit
No piss breaks, keep moving Comet
Everybody wanna live at the top of the North Pole
Took her to the shops, she tried to gift my butt hole
That when horny elf man kicked her out
But I got her back in and put a drill in her mouth!
Sleep now
I need sleep now (x5)