Malcolm is Important - Dinner (Ft. Fly Jai & Jayfromthenap) Lyrics

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Important but i’m malcontent
I got 20 left, save em for the pigs when they see i did
Dying young
So all the teenagers is having kids
Almost did
Fire up a spliff to try and forget
Everything i did won’t let me go i gotta live with it
Regret inside my eyes no i ain't smoke but probably say i’m lit
Lying to my mom ain't nothing wrong she see through my shit
Tryna talk about it but i’m over it and need a hit
Take my anger out inside some pussy when i’m out of liq(uor)
Shouldn’t crave a drink cause im angry need to deal with it
Racking up the problems, running from em gotta deal with it..i dealt with it
Now i got a feeling in my chest as tight as sinus congestion
It probably is that
Wonder why my body infected
And then i sit thеre
I wonder if my mind was effеcted
It need some repairs
And all i got is time til the heavens
I need a seat there
And i ain’t tryna waste any seconds
Don’t wanna be here
Knowing it won’t change for the better
So let it be clear
If i ain’t 27 with a couple millions
Then I’m checking out that’s just my decision
It’s already made for me
I just gotta step in the position to pay for it finally have some time to kill instead of just waiting for it and end up somewhere chillin with the power to pay it forward
[Jayfromthenap & Fly Jai]
Life with you is different i can see the future listen you feel pain but your intentions is to love
(and i thank you for that)
You bring light inside a room where darkness doesn’t help me bloom but still you stay and save me from the drugs
(and i thank you for that)
I picture toy story clouds as i pen down this eulogy
Thinking of a world that only consist of you and me
The past don’t hold no weight
Fuck what you used to be
I never knew myself this well
I’m getting used to me
And i can’t speak about the good if im just living dead it’s early in the day but it’s the time when we gon make our bed
I hope that we okay and this a place where you could lay yo head
If not then fuck it i’ll be lonely in my biggest pad
[t rooose]
Keep your eyes open for a sign
It’s not dark you’re just the blind
Cause everyday you’re waisting time
I know you don’t wanna be left behind
So keep your eyes open for a sign
It’s not dark you’re just the blind
Cause everyday you’re waisting time
I know you don’t wanna be left behind
It’s patience(patience)
The substance that im lacking
Empathy and some compassion
At this point it’s like a task
And faith in god ain’t got it on me
In the times that i feel lone i see lies and bogus shit the people try to force upon me
I can't focus
I feel anxious
Under pressure from the boulders
On my shoulders when it’s over it was worth it cause i’m fighting for a purpose
And it’s working
So it’s worth it
It’s worth it
It’s worth it