Marc Almond - Love Is Not on Trial Lyrics

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Don't act like it's aware
The jury of my peace
Here at the frontier
Produces their little close
And of all I stand accused
I will assume
That Innocence is safe
To woman guily Brute
Untill you do
I don't recognise this Court ( don't recognise this Court)
I think the judges have been bord (the judges have been bord)
I'm here to feast the charge
From those that I have loved
Who say I hounted them for sport (haunted them for sport)
They can so may be fine
I'm telling you this time
I may be a sinner
But a sin is not a crime
Oh his legless for revenge
For they selfish little end (selfish little ends)
All you people should have known ( I can't stand to be alone)
Loyality alone cannot suprise (loving, love my only vice)
Yet you looking so confused
As for their body have been used
Oh but that's not how it is (this is what to you)
I've vaisted my whole life
To say to you goodbye
Everday I Know the darkness
And I feel it may be final
And the definite relights
Just one look wraooed around me and I need someone tonight
But love is not on trial (live is not on trial)
Love is not on trial (love is not on trial)
No love is not on trial (love is not on trial)