Meanz of Operation - Surprise (Ft. Ace Vane & Randolph) Lyrics

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Produced by AceVane
Where the weed roll that/ the liquor pour that/ and bring them hoes in
Show em where the pole at/ i'm about more stacks/ i can't control
That/and when i get up on my grind shit i surprise my self some times/
Ooo Yea i surprise my self sometimes
This is for all my people in the v i double l e/ i am from the north side so
Shit don't really scare me/ain't shit u can tell me/all these bitches bad and
If they isant that i drink until they halle berry:/
And you ain't gotta let me know i know its very terrible/i be faded i be
Fucked up almost everywhere we go/but ooo Ima kill em like my name
Was terrio/ just keep the trees going round like a merry go/ :
I ain't gotta lie i was to high bout a blunt a go/all you favorite rappers
Went out of style bout a month a go/ nigga im the one to know/im the im
The /one to know /got ya girl panties going down like an undertow/
Bad hoes yea we bout it motherfucker/getting cash flow yea we bout it
Motherfucker/is you mad tho i wouldn't doubt it motherfucker is they
Mad tho?
I wouldn't doubt it....mother fucker
I agree with that assessment sir! I surprise myself too...
This for my people in the d.u.v.a.l... Whatever that you want is on the
Corner up for sale... And if you cannot find it there, you can't find it
Anywhere. They got every kind from a dime to a kitchen chair. High rate
Crime they cold Bruh. North side sign I throwed up. Mama lookin funny
Sayin you ain't gettin money Ran it's bout time I growed up. And it's
Bout time I showed her. Mama ain't raise no poser. Now I got profit
(prophet) like the 12 disciples. I'm Floatin on the water setting sail with
White hoes. To hell with my foes. Hail your idols. Got bitches yellin for
Us like a chorus recital. Party poppin bottles like a wedding reception
So many bad bitches, neither one I'm neglectin. Short girls, tall chicks
All rock ya world, just take ya pick. All cute as hell. They all are fit
One thick as fuck, I call her grits.... So Go head and roll that, that liquor po' that. She bout to go in, show her where the pole at. She call mo'stacks, but you can call Ran. Baby high as shit. I let her know my lap somewhere to land