MILE - Extra Lyrics

*chuckles* Ngavagare pasi ava
Yeah, uh
[Verse 1]
You would embrace opinion and drown in judgement
Me I just paddle and keep my head above it
You’re in a world that will tell you what to do
Me I say “fuck it” and give the world to you
You would get lost in rumours that’s in the city
Me I just find a reason to keep you with me
You trying fitting in when it never pays
Me I just tell you how you’ve been custom made
I see your insecurities - take them all in stride
You won’t ever see a lie that I could hide behind
We smoke and drink for a sense of peace that we’ve been tryna find
Until we eye to eye, with our demons in the sky
Why your friends so extra, extra, extra?
Going out of their own way to say
I’m every other guy that left you
Why your friends so extra, extra, extra?
Don’t borrow opinions
There ain’t nothing better, extra
[Verse 2]
Little miss independent and her homies
How many of them told you independence could be lonely?
How many of them is running back to their man
After saying they don’t need him? I hope that you don’t understand
It’s all a part of the plan, to hide you from the real
Make you feel irreplaceable and jaded like you will
I know you’re worried about all of them bills, bills, bills
No scrubs here unless they operate on how you feel
Haha, let that sink in
Young nigga here with any kind of prescription
Treat a clean slate like you only tryna find it
At the bottom of the glass of whatever you drinking
It’s all new, don’t credit no one else baby it’s all you
After a call you just really had to fall through
And give some meaning and hope to something beyond you
Words to believe in that isn’t just in a song too
[Verse 3]
You see the girls out here that’s looking for love
Or at least the highlights under lights of the club
The ones that’s looking past the men that used to be enough
And settling for fuckboys or parties and drugs
You see the boys out here that’s looking for lust
And double down just to stop you from looking for trust
And do more drinking and smoking than anyone does
That’s either liars or cheaters, or all the above
Take a chance - don’t bottle your envy
What stories you wanna tell at the end of your twenties?
We could, either hold on to Disney’s stories in destiny
Or revel in the part of our stories that’s really meant to be
Like making the mistakes that are real (dah-dah)
Or looking for whatever we feel (dah-dah)
Baby if curiosity kills
How many mothers would be pining over funeral bills, huh?
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - who are you without them? (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - read all about it (dah-dah)
Extra, extra - who are you without them? (dah-dah)
It felt like I just lost control of everything
She, when she walked away and broke
My spirit, my heart, my soul
I didn’t understand it
Was it somebody else? Was it for something else?
It just felt so hard, to move
From there…
And I didn’t know what else to live for
In spite of myself
I thought she was the one...