MILE - Mi Vida Lyrics

La música es, la música es
La música es, la música es
Mi vida-da-da-da
La música es, la música es
La música es, la música es
Mi vida-da-da-da
[Verse 1]
Yeah, look, bottle and cap my feelings
Part of my life has got to disappear to make a killing
Such an expensive house with glass walls and ceilings
The price of fame is paid off with any of my opinions
And don’t confuse daps in person and daps in private
Keep an eye on the ones that love you and try to hide it
Try deny it, and you gon catch me looking past it
Those sheets are over a bed of lies and you’re the fucking mattress
But it’s getting harder for them to hate
Taller than my shortcomings, still don’t overlook mistakes
Every track, set them straight: chalk line, yellow tape
Only one to hit a stride the same time I set a pace
But Lord, my feet are getting weary
I said I’d ride alone but I might need you here to steer me
This narrow road to greatness is looking like a mirage
The longer I keep it moving the more that I’m feeling lost...
Am I lost?
[Verse 2]
I wish I could plug a projector in my thoughts
A montage of my memories, the special moments caught
Put together an audience screening that’s therapeutic
Light a spliffy up and show you whatever’s left out the music
But I only show the past and how we’re used to living
I can’t let none of them in on the future vision
And if you getting nervous when you see a nigga winning?
Then you know in your heart that it’s cause you ain’t going with him
Nah, cause snakes don’t ever come in handy
I keep a circle small enough, make it part of the family
And the circle’s gold - we huddling for a namesake
Circle still small enough to try eat off the same plate
Cause lately I’m burning myself out
Opinions and comparisons - enough to lose count
Told who to be and what to say, shit I could do without
By niggas who never put in the practice from word of mouth
I wish that I could pick my pressures
Like dealing with the kind of being next up
Over every opinionated rapper playing dress-up
These are thoughts over drinks with my main thing when I fess up