Miracle Musical - Dream Sweet in Sea Major (Ft. Joe Hawley) Lyrics

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Alone at the edge of a universe humming a tuneFor merely dreaming we were snowA siren sounds, like the goddess who promises endless apologies of paradiseAnd only she can make it rightSo things are different tonightWe'll go together in flightIt's now and neverA reverie endeavorAwaits somnambulant directivesTo take the helmBelieve me, darlingThe stars were made for fallingLike melting obelisksAs tall as another realmUn ensemble d'enfantsLa galaxie s'étendJardin de l'imaginationCombler la lacuneRoller passé la luneComme nous évoluonsIt feels like flyingBut maybe we're dyingA cosmic confluence ofPyramids hologrammedShe knows you heard herStaging music murderIn line before the show beganTo be where I amChildren born of one emotionOur devotion's deepest oceanNo division reasoned we'll be freeTo knowWe are beyond a bowAnd lo, the hues arrange to showIt's perfectly clearYou look quite divine tonightHere among these vibrant lightsPure delights surround us as we sailSigned, yours truly, the whaleJoy mirage's kingdom comeNo one left at stakeNow that existence is on the wakeLet's see what we can makeApart is wholly endingA line in any final songSo long so farWe will be atoningAt last eternal through the pastAbove a blinding starBye, HiSigh, HawaiiWe never meant to partSublime, thy artOne lightHigher than the sunInvisible to someUntil it's time
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