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Ocasan-Lighters In The Air Lyrics

English Lyrics

It's another sweaty open-mic night He sings all his own songs but he sings it all wrong Tumbleweed indoors just ain't right Mother is so proud Of her boy's unique sound But what does she know? (What does she know?) Dad gives him the third degree For chasing a fruitless fantasy But what does he know? (What does he know?) As he closes his eyes The stage unfolds All in his head He's giving it all he's got Giving it all he's got out there And the crowd are singing back to him With lighters in the air Dave said "It's a number one" But they still think he's on the run For stealing Clios (So what does he know?) The record Label says: PLEASE STOP SENDING FUCKING TAPES But what do they know? (What do we know?) What do they know?