Playboi Carti - 36 Villainz Lyrics

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You'd be very foolish to not to understand that because demons are real and people are influenced by bad spirits
Yeah, yeah
Carti, yeah
[Verse 1]
Southside nigga, black ninja (Yeah)
My niggas take time off yo clock with the Glock
Purple killing that fool, I smoke dolo by two
Got me high to the roof, got your bitch getting loose
Carti that dude (Carti), it's blue in these jewels
[?] comes on, three Gs, one blunt, just me
Three cups, cups filled with pink, drink up (Uh, damn)
I'm 'bout them green, guys (Guys), so I'm serving pies (Pies)
I'm high, white lie, my eyes reveal the truth (Bitch)
This is what I do bitch
This is what I do bitch, nigga fuck you (Carti)
Fuck 'em all, get this cake, that's how I pissed them off (Carti)
I got work that's gon' be gone tomorrow (Yeah)
Ship it off state to state, nigga don't hate (Yeah)
Cartier with your bitch on the interstate (State)
Foreign whip, she love this shit
She ridin' it, rollin' that glass
Roll that gas, bitch, I'm the man
All of these bitches
I'm gon' fuck all of these bitches
Fuck what you think