Playboi Carti - Blue Crystal$ (Ft. Tom Voduz) Lyrics

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Yeah, uh
I got hoes in different time zones
East, west, in the middle
That's a no fly zone
'Cause we drop bombs every chance we get
Told you niggas I am floodin' yo time-lines with plenty of them dope rhymes
I put them down in no time
We drop the track
They eat it up
We hit the stage
They deep as fuck
Them lame ass niggas can't eat with us, nah
Can't smoke no tree with us, nah
Nigga, collecting all the profit
We drop a song, that's a trendin' topic
Catch me hired up with Cartier and my nigga Drew
Yeah, that's the crew
Tryna stack that cheese like Ratatouille
I'll come slide through yo avenue
Levi shit, I ain't never had the Trues
No nightmares, bitch, my dreams is blue
All these little niggas, they ain't got no clue
Me and Cartier like two for two
Young niggas gotta get this bread
Spittin' them dope rhyme
That's a gold mine, shit
Finna be on a no-time, shit
Wack niggas get no shine
We in the club
We blow a cloud
Yo bitch in here
She break it down
Yuh, we gon' smoke a pound
[Verse 2: Sir Cartier]
Brand new, I put the rims on it
Bad bitch, she been on it
Bag of weed, that's THC
I smoke gasoline that's why she fuck with me (Yeah)
Real nigga in a fake world
Your girl on my deck
That's some skateboard shit
No magazine, but I thrash the bitch
Let's get this established, bitch (Yeah)
Arm and hammer, fix yo manners (Yeah)
Disrespectful, come and fix your grammar (Yeah)
Blow a hole in yo fuckin' skull (Yeah)
I'm poppin' shells 'cause I'm feelin' buzzed (Carti)
Tripple C's on a Alpine
I'm blowin' trees, I'm feelin' fine (Yeah)
Life is good but
We too hood to be on some shit that we ain't about (Carti)
I get cheese like a cash-cow
Oh we good now (Yeah, yeah)
We got money pounds in the basement (Yeah)
I'm spendin' this shit
I ran up for the third time this week (Carti)
'Cause money don't sleep (Carti)
All these diamonds on me, all these diamonds on me
Bitch freeze
[Outro: Sir Cartier]
(Yeah, yeah
All these diamonds on me, money don't sleep)
(All these diamonds on me)
Blue Crystals
(Bitch freeze)
(All these diamonds on me)
Blue, Blue Crystals
(Bitch freeze)
What up?