Playboi Carti - Van Go Lyrics

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Let it rain
She said this how she feel when she on a pill (Yeah)
Once the smoke marinate, you don't feel the chill
Handsome ass nigga, I got bitches, cuz (Uh)
Fuck yo block, pistols pop, 'cause we don't give no fucks (No)
I swear my life is a fucking blessing
All my problems disappear when I'm in rotation
The room spinning (Yeah)
I'm in that situation (Elevation)
I'm so motherfucking faded with your old lady
Two blunts, ventilation, good brain, highly educated
Getting paid is my occupation
I don't feel safe in the streets (No, lil' bitch)
My tommy is a beast, NASCAR
You never fly past a G, ho
Carti rocking Tommy like we in the 90s (Ho)
Carti rocking Stussy
Carti get the pussy (Ho)
Lame niggas out here trying do me, salute me, or shoot me
I'm on the avenue, standing on top of my toes
Eyes closed
Selling heat, watch your nose
I got connects with the Pope (Yeah)
My lookout she know (Yeah, shit, uh)
[Verse 2]
Foreign car keys kick spark, please ten deep stitched
Bitch quick, don't touch my shit (Yeah)
New watch on my wrist
She like, "damn, what happened to your wrist?"
Oh don't worry bitch, my diamonds cut this shit (Yeah)
Hold up, let me roll up
Smoke some good stuff (Okay)
Quick puff, then I start seeing stuff (Carti)