Pop Smoke - Cappin (Ft. Jay Gwuapo & Lil Tjay) Lyrics

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[Intro: Pop Smoke]
Woo, woo
Yeah, yeah
Glock 9, tote the Ruger (Oh)
Oh, oh (Oh, yeah)
Glock 9, tote the Ruger (Oh)
Yeah, yeah, oh
Yeah, look (Woo, woo)
[Verse 1: Pop Smoke]
Glock 9, I tote the Ruger (Ruger)
And my murder bravados (Uh, uh)
Latest fashion (Oh)
Every gun, got a hunnid clip (Oh)
VS watch (Oh)
My diamonds dancin' (Oh)
Let 'em reach (Oh), we gon' fix 'em up
'Cause I'm the teacher (Oh)
Preacher man (Oh)
Look, I got that Goyard swag (Oh)
Couple Goyard bags
I been havin'
Woo, woo, woo, woo
[Verse 2: Jay Gwuapo]
Oh, yeah
I'm back again, nigga tell a friend
And we see the opps, and we in the party
Then we got no choice, boy it gotta end
I told [?] go see what they drivin' and shoot through the car
He put bullets right through the tint
Gotta know that my shooters retarded
They spinnin' regardless, don't know how this shit'll end
Tryna talk on my name, get you clapped up
I'm off the Percocet, I probably do it, I hit you catch you spinnin' through my stuff
You know I'm EBK and Poppy GDK
He never spinnin' the black trucks
Just know that the MAC with me, you ain't even gotta see me doin' that [?] up
And we got them posse with the back up
[Pre-Chorus: Pop Smoke]
Look, I'm like "Who these niggas?" (Oh)
Lookin' hard (Oh)
In my Bentley truck (Oh, oh)
Trey took the automatic (Oh)
And he'll get to clappin' (Oh)
Broad day in traffic, woo (Oh, oh)
[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
I don't know what these niggas see up in these niggas
These niggas be cappin' (Oh, oh)
And this Louis, Fendi pack up with my body in perfection (Oh, oh)
[Open Verse]
[?] what you tellin' me?
Traphouse Mob