Rodriguez - Jane S. Piddy Lyrics

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Now you sit there thinking feeling insecure
The mocking court jester claims there is no proven cure
Go back to your chamber, your eyes upon the wall
'Cos you got no one to listen, you got no one to call
And you think I'm curious
[Verse 2]
Drifting, drowning in a purple sea of doubt
You wanna hear she loves you
But the words don't fit the mouth
You're a loser, a rebel, a cause without
But don't think me callous
[Verse 3]
Dancing Rosemary, disappearing sister Ruth
It's just your yellow appetite
That has you choking on the truth
You gave in, you gave out, outlived your dreams of youth
And I can't get jealous
[Verse 4]
So go on, you'll continue with your nose so open wide
Knocking on that door that says "Hurry come inside"
But don't bother to buy insurance
'cos you've already died
And you can't be serious
[Verse 5]
I saw my reflection in my father's final tears
The wind was slowly melting,San Francisco disappears
Acid heads, unmade beds, and you Woodward world queers
I know you're lonely
I know you're lonely
I know you're lonely
I know you're lonely
I know you're lonely
Thanks for your time
And you can thank me for mine
And after that's said
Forget it
Bag it, man