SAINt JHN - No Crescendo Lyrics

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Eh, can I take him to church?
I'll take him to the choir
There ya' go, now sing your song
[Verse 1]
No crescendo, it's the commencement
I'ma' stand up nigga, fuck where the bench went
From where the trench went
Don't surprised if I tell you that [?] lynch men
I suppose I may glare my attention
Promise to hold the Brook down, like a linchpin
You gotta' feel me, I'm an [?] simple as that
I exhale and I invent
On to a whole 'nother mare
It's only halfway fuck you
But give your mother the other half
I'm fly, sneakers feelin' like a hovercraft
Steerin' in the mirror, feelin' like a found love at last
You the [?] at the sand in the hourglass
But it's my time now, so this is our glass
And you school a heart, knock [?] flower class
My rain, and you just hopin' that the shower pass
But the future will come to pass
The new god MC, and you should come to mass
I ain't come for grabs, I come for cash
I come to start in the drama I [?]
Last time I auditioned, they said "Nah, he's just not efficient"
I'm goin' back in the car with [?] issue
Qued that from the [?]
You oversaw, bitch made your lover crawl
[?] couldn't hold a candle in me
And Bigfoot couldn't hold a sandal in me
Home of the brave, land of the free
Not sure if my niggas in the camp would agree
But I got as much used to friends
As i really got use for pens
And I don't write shit
And I don't care if you like this
Looking fly, so one of your extra bags is a flight [?]
I just claim to be right, not righteous
God givin', so what the hell, I might just
Need a break, vacation
Sick with it, aids patient
It's lonely at the top, see the stage bakin'
It's just me, who else would it be