Sexy Vegan - Kissable Cheeks, Lickable Hole (Ft. Sexy Vegan) Lyrics

Kissable cheeks, lickable hole
Kissable cheeks, lickable hole
{Verse 1,Sexy Vegan}
The booty is the epicenter of pleasure
When you see those cheeks poppin' out, makes you really horny
You may not admit it. But it makes you wanna get nasty, oh yeah
{Verse 2,Sexy Vegan}
My butts clean, there's no smell at all
So it's all sexy in my case
When you see those cheeks
You get the rear view, oh yeah, your pussy get's all wet, son
You don't have a pussy? Your dick get's hard, son
You get angry! Cause now you think you're gay
But what you don't realize is I transcend that!
{Verse 3,Sexy Vegan}
I'm Sexy Vegan! I'm the booty boy Messiah, the beautiful vegan Messiah! AKA skinny with a big butt!
I turn everyone on
The only difference is some people admit it, others do not
Ok, get on board!
I'm ending world suffering the fun way, son
{Chorus,Sexy Vegan}
Kissable cheeks, lickable hole
{Verse 4,Sexy Vegan}
I name my butt delicious vegan, cause I clean with water after I go!
Deep in the hole about a hundred fifty times, all the surrounding areas really thoroughly with water
There's no smell, son
I get shit for the way I clean, but there's no shit in my hole
But there is in everyone else's
Yet they're the ones giving me shit
That's because they're dumb
{Verse 5,Sexy Vegan}
They conform
Make the world a war place
Because of them there is suffering
Because of the there is stink
They come down and insult the one's that changing that!
But the truth is the truth, and the lies are lies
And their lies don't work when the truth is prevailed
Their lies don't work when the truth is prevailed, son
{Verse 6,Sexy Vegan}
I put the ASS in CL"ASS"Y
I'm ending world suffering the fun way, oh yeah
{Chorus,Sexy Vegan}
Kissable cheeks, lickable hole
{Verse 7,Sexy Vegan}
If I sat on your face, it would take you to a heaven place, son, son, yeah
{Spoken,Sexy Vegan}
Remember my friends, EAT ASS, not animals