Slakah the Beatchild - Bad Meaning Good by Drake (Ft. Slakah the Beatchild) Lyrics

Lady, you say I stay in the house til four
We don't even go out no more
Its always the same eh
Always complainin
Its obvious baby
I guess you don't watch the news
You see theres a lot to lose
Cuz we got a baby
And people are shady
[Bridge: Drake]
My generation is changin
Aside from the fact
The dealers have customers they provide with the crack
Front of the buses taken
And we deny it from the back
You can die where you from, or die where you at
[Hook: Drake]
Don't put it past them
I don't think that they understood
My friends they ain't even sit in the class when they should
He can come pick you up
If your dads in the hood
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good good good
[Verse 2: Slakah]
Lady, somebody shot up the place right by
Where I work and I think they might
Be coming for me next
Lend me ya kleenex
I'm tellin you baby
I think I'm a bout to cry
Still gotta go out tonight
Cuz I gotta feed you
I hope that I see you again... again
Hope that I see you, see you
[Verse 3: Drake]
Lately I don't know about the friends that I hang with
I'm nervous round my boys, it depends on their anguish
Depends on if they saving all the tops on pepsi
With dreams of seeing girls topless on jet skis
Depends on what they do to achieve that
Robbing r&b singers, 'specially if they know where the keys at
'specially if they know where they girl live
Get the info, leave with ya money man, thats how the world is
Thats how niggas puttin they dirt down
Streets are seedy, I call em sesame
It's Ernie and Bert's town
'specially when these young'ns get turned down for work opportunities
Next week same place'll get burnt down
Coincidink? not likely not a chance
How can we be so aware of these problems and not advance?
At least start put a bid in, its hard just to fit in
A lot of people only play they part when they spittin
But I don't think that they understood
They using this darkness for penetration in the hood
I took the ivory way in and yes I'm glad that keenan could
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good good good
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good good good