Tboismoke - Memories ft. Lil Scar 49/51 (Ft. Lil scar49/51) Lyrics

Listen to this
To me
To you
Fuck nigga
TBoiSmoke up in this bitch nigga
Yah, (lil scar: aye)
I’m off a pill, you feel me?
How could you do this to me, fuck nigga?, (lil scar: fuck dat nigga)
Here we go
(Verse 1: TBoiSmoke)
I was played,used
You thought you close to me
You were, than you stopped talking
I got worried, started stalking
Not cause I’m a creep, or a weeb, too worried now, I couldn’t see what you did to me
I was busy
Being happy, enjoying shit the way it was
We were unable to let go
Looking in a mirror
I see you, my ugly self
Grabbed my knife off the shelf
My mind got fucked up
Went crazy, insane
So many bitches that I got lame
I’m stuck, here in this place, on the moon in space, all alone
At ease, fuck my problems
I fucked about 15 models
Girl leave me alone, I’m loyal, but I can’t say no
Can’t hurt people they feelings
I’ll give u 50 bruises, I have my own rules
15k niggas hate me, big as mules
Y’all want me dead?
Y’all want me to fail?
Please don’t ever follow my trail
Let’s live alone on an island, set sail
West side, I’m a certified blood
From another country, I wish you niggas understood
Y’all don’t, know the pain I had to go through
Get up off my back, shawty like it rough
Against me, please don’t act tough
Respect for me, it’s only what I ask
Pour blood out of my flask, red, blood on the grass-
(Verse 2: Lil scar 49/51)
Young rich nigga
And all these bitches talk shit
Niggas forget it
Ain’t got a bitch at home
Nigga, now I thought you get it
And all these pussy niggas that be talk like they with it, yuh
I’m a young nigga, came from the bottom to the top
I’m dropping on these bronx niggas know I won’t stop
And east side niggas know I’m really with the semi
Pull up on yo block me and my niggas always looking shitty
Young nigga, strapped up
With that Uzi, put it to yo face
Y’all niggas talk shit, let me get in and take
We just get the cash
Put it in yo fucking back
We had to buy yo bitch a new V
Cause we put out shit like that
And real nigga getting all that ice
Getting all this bread
Fuck get that out my head
And I got all the money, keep it going, out my head
And all these bitches talk shit they just want a nigga dead
All these niggas want a nigga dead
They mad cause a nigga trying to get some bread
They mad cause they see I want the best
They mad cause they see a nigga getting checks
Lil scar
Yeah, turn me up youngin