Tedua - Bolza-Leto (Ft. Mad Boys & UBR) Lyrics (English Translate)

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[Intro: Tedua]
Okay, waiting for Orange County Mixtape
(You're a great Mario for sure ..)
Okay, low profile but not on the track
I'm around to not lose my mind
Blue lights everywhere, fuck in Bolzaneto
We don't forget, yeah, aeh
Tedua! Mad Boys!
[Verse 1: Tedua]
Luck does not turn back, today I'm going to Bonza
I pray in that of Bolzaneto, the boys told me
Combriccola Mad Boyz, run, brother, that yours
Fan laughing, bullfighting, do a crime in the kitchen
Genoa north has the nos that Simo pulls on his vehicle.
They want the kick and snare 'sti old schooler
We send them home in their underwear with the glans pen on the computer
Brrr, cold, shhh, stupid, pshh, piss your pussy
Shitta you want fruit, you feud everyone
When I stay silent, the Malaguti scooter
I'm dead alive, parachutes, wolf band
I can do it for much longer, I break the beat, I have an eight jack
Malcolm X, no listening mix
Made me feat to the Cogo team
You learn when I stretch the lines
If a glimmer of reason is a lamppost that sheds light
[Penalty 2: Mad Boys / UBR]
The passages between the buildings
The windows, the paparazzi
Fuck, brother, how far you go
Madmen in the square, I use rockets
In the good stuff area, I took a new home
Next another good one, lives at Casanova
Time passes anyway
From Bolza to Cogo, best time
I keep what I get for good
I only forgive those I carry inside
I have talent: I eat until I have satisfied it
My style overwhelming like a waterfall
[Penalty 3: Mad Boys / UBR]
Ronda brah scaranza
A stake inside my pocket
A pole in front of the square
In the gangsta neighborhood, we're rap stars
Everyone greets me, kisses on the cheek
Weight on the scale, focus on the track
Dismantle your farce
Money, money, cash that I spend instantly
I play my cards, I bring my art to the neighborhood
As long as it is shit it will become a job
Uncle, I don't give up
I will not end up at thirty on a construction site
[Penalty 4: Mad Boys]
'Life has made me cold like Soleri
You do not see? You see me? I can't handle it
A climb suffered, do not believe
What do you think? I have the remedies
You ask them, "Don't you provide?"
I protect myself
Because it goes like this, I'm an MC
Mad Boys I represent
Duate WB, UBR in feat
I win everything, Shevchenko
But which MCs? They feel king
You are not king, the real king
I'm alone in Sacramento
[Penalty 5: Mad Boys]
Do you do bad? It's useless
Hard head, anvil
Taken by an electric shock lightning
Like we aim to reach the climax
Rough but not messy hands
I don't conform to the multitude
Amo 'is melody, mom is out of habit
Give me delectable, weak hopes
But they didn't destroy us
If we are rich, it is because life has not given us everything
[Penalty 6: Mad Boys]
If I had been born in Naples I would be a criminal
Already as a child on the pitch I wanted to command
I want to die king like Dandi
Not an uphill life, fatigue
I only have broken dreams
How much do you want? Brother when you want
Come only if you have wheat, dad
That here with us in the neighborhood
More balls spin than in Puzzle Bubble
Mario calls, I'm cannon
Madame under the tower block
My name remains engraved
Bolzaneto is always Corleone

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