Tedua - Calci Dalla Celere Lyrics (English Translate)

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I thought: "Fuck growing up!"
I gave a limb to emerge
My soul is about to excel
But without exceeding!
As a boy I was very afraid to take
Kick it fast
Escape from the cells you make in your head
A party, two lozenges love, I have fever and thirst
If I don't recover, I won't cut my new cool record
I finish the food in the fridge, I inflict on my thin face
Mario, my God what a mess!
Santa Claus cannot enter homes without a fireplace
Quickly, steer the pandino
We have changed the path
And if the data connection does not take
The navigator even on an Audi will not give avenues or squares!
The evil, baby, does not touch us
It is no longer the same if we grow
Knowing it on school days
I would not have been rejected
Ma nooo, ma nooo ...
I'm already wrong by mooo
Ma nooo, ma nooo ...
Don't tell me
I feel freeoo!

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