Tedua - Forte Come Non L'Avresti Detto Mai Lyrics (English Translate)

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Hey, hey, 2015 years after Christ's death, fra '
After eighteen years who writes poetry
Either he's a poet or he's an idiot
And I chose to be a singer
Waiting for Orange County
Squad Squad Squad
The flow is strong as you never would have said
Think Marietto a few years, between you do
The account of the world
Which runs parallel I take a sip on me
What did you expect I'm playing hard
Between, the serious one
At 16 I was the man of the house who treated my mother badly
Yet another to understand you fully
I identify you in you
I make zero the effort that from scratch is fateful
He situates her and shows me the way out
And who speaks of honor with pride
It probably won't have much
He hasn't been late lately
The postman lurking on purpose
To bring us mail cash bills
But what does the coast matter is ours
The drug leaves her life reborn not anxiety
Ramadan who eats and eats secretly
He does not believe in Allah or ours, in the place where I live
Where everything sucks
If I stare at a fixed point and stare at it nearby
This dispute disturbs me on the island
Until recently I did
Slightly stepwise
Who knows what I was doing in the end
Waiting for Orange County
Are we still online?
Taken abruptly

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