The Fixx - Big Wall Lyrics

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Learning of a legend I prepare to face the ghost
I do not ask if it's strength or weakness
It's all I have it's the best defense
I cannot see if you're kind or dangerous
I must believe it's all pretence
All I know is I feel even balanced out by the sense of doubt
Don't look to me to shout treason I can find tile nation's pride
That the big wall tries to hide
Early frost a name is spelt in breath on a window
Hoping he's connected he prepares to meet the host
If I let go there's a path to follow
Owning up to these empty needs
Where I swim the water's shallow
Face up in all the social grief
There is a world just locked out
As the big wall tries to hide
A little flame dying out
As the big wall tries to hide
Are we left to minimise
As the big wall tries to hide
When you turn your face to tile sky will
The big wall leave your mind
The big wall leaves your mind