The Professionals - My House Lyrics

Are you ready for showtime?
Ah, come on, you can do better than that
Are you ready for showtime?
—just staring at me
Well, I ain't never seen a piece of shit sittin' at my motherfuckin' table
Eat that, motherfucker, eatin' every other goddamn thing in the house
Shit, give me my shit, give me my shit
I don't want you to have this shit
I don't even want this shit, I just did that to fuck with you
Give me my shit, "just to fuck with you?" Don't eat my shit
Now you ain't got shit, what you gon' do, huh?
What you gon' do, nigga?
Ain't got a pot to piss in, or one of the [?] motherfucking [?]
Some piece of shit
You want me? You think you can do somethin' with me, nigga?
Huh? Huh? Huh, bitch?
I will cut your motherfucking hand off
Give me-, I wish I fucking had a knife, I'll stab, I'll stab-, I'll cut your motherfucking heart off and eat that motherfucker right now
Stank-ass motherfucker
This is our house now!