The Shell Corporation - All Of The Best Lyrics

But the anger I’ve spent hasn’t bought you a clue
When the whole world is out to get you, remember
They’re all your own battles to pick and to choose
If you ever hear these words, you wouldn’t suspect they’re for you
“I value our friendship” you said
But your actions make clear what’s going on in your head
I declare that this friendship is dead
Dead on arrival, due to abuse and neglect
And I hope you hear these words
All of the Best, All of the best
How did I get myself into this mess?
Why are these bridges burned? Did I set the torch?
What have I done, how can I change?
How did I get myself into this place?
Why are these bridges burned, did I set the torch again?
And I wish you all of the best, all of the good things but give it a rest
We never were friends and I’m all over it
Over this nothing, I don’t give a shit
I’m sorry for caring, I’m sorry I did
But I guess you live and you learn and I won’t make the mistake again