The Shell Corporation - Fuck 'Em Lyrics

The stink of shit on hope we’ve been taken
The fix is in let’s go it’s all breaking
It’s all just who you know
Well fuck it’s nice to meet you
‘cause we’re better off without it and we’re better off being alone
Can I let you in on something?
If I ever had to say it, it was never worth saying at all
Do you really want the truth?
Well, this is probably all for nothing this is probably just to try and look cool
And we’re making it look easy
So who’s the more foolish?
Well, take a look around
We’ve already got your money and we haven’t made a sound
We’ve got nothing to lose
So you can all just go and get screwed
We are your fair weather friends, so buy us a round
Hell man, buy two
And if you can’t take a joke
Well, Fuck you too