The Sodomite Agenda - Graveyard Lovesong (Ft. George W. Crowe, Jen Fisher, Merrgus Tobias Crowe & Sylvia Banshee) Lyrics

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The darkness in my soul is the fuel that I used to find you again, my love/
I invite you once again, my love, to crawl through the death and decay in the dark cold graveyard we
were born in once again/
If you bleed like me, one day you'll be like me/
There is only one way to free your soul/
Will you find me again, my love deep in the fiery depths of the darkness we both were forged in?/
Your soul is like mine poisoned by all their cruelty and hateful lies/
My love, when you see our darkest of wills realized you'll know who the true god is and always was/
The light once entombed the darkness in our hearts now that darkness is free/We shall rise from the
blinding light of life into the liberating darkness of undeath/
Your heart and mine forever entwined/
We shall rise above the chaos tonight/and in the night's darkest hour we will shine the light of misery
and death/and open this land of ignorance and stupidity/
The beat of my heart and yours will sound the call/we will light the night sky anew with the flame of our
power together/you and I shall rise from the filth and claim our places as the rightful rulers of this world/
meant only for consumption and hate/
In the darkness of our wrath we shall wait for the next soul to join our army of fearless warriors/and
then we will consume the rest of the wretched souls here on this planet of damnation. ℗©2017 Night Rambler Records