Therion - Initials B.B. Lyrics (English Translate)

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One night I was To mope In some English pub From the heart of London Traveling through Love Mons - Tre de Pauwels A vision came to me In seltzer water B Initials B Initals B Initials B.B While medals Imperator Make it shine at her waist Bronze and gold Platinum burns him From a cold circle The mark of slaves On each finger B Initials B Initals B Initials B.B Up to the top of the thighs She is in boots And it's like a chalice To her beauty She is not wearing anything Other than a little Guerlain essence In the hair B Initials B Initals B Initials B.B With each movement We heardThe silver bells From his wrists Shaking his bells She walked forward And said this word: Almeria!
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